WORRIED MUCH? Adam Schiff Calls William Barr The Second Most Dangerous Man In The Country (VIDEO)

Many Democrats are in a total panic about Attorney General William Barr and his new power to declassify documents related to the Russia investigation. One of them is Adam Schiff.

The Hill reports:

Schiff calls Barr ‘the second-most dangerous man in the country’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Tuesday called Attorney General William Barr the “second-most dangerous man in the country.”

“We find ourselves, I think for the first time, with an attorney general who really is the president’s defense lawyer and spokesperson, who’s quite good at it and has the veneer of respectability to camouflage what he’s doing,” Schiff said, referring to Barr, during remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, D.C.

“He is not the sophist that Giuliani is, he’s much more dangerous, and I think he’s the second-most dangerous man in the country,” he added, referring to President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

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Schiff, a frequent critic of Trump, did not say whom he believes is the most dangerous man in the U.S.

See the video below:

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Schiif’s comments are rather telling, aren’t they?

FOX News has more on this:

Schiff’s comments came as he pressed the intelligence community to provide more information about Barr’s declassification efforts surrounding the Russia investigation. Trump granted Barr that authority in order to help the attorney general in his efforts to better understand the Russia probe’s origins — a move that Schiff said would endanger national security.

Barr has received criticism from a number of prominent sources but in May, Schiff took the step of claiming he no longer deserved his title as the nation’s chief attorney.

“I hesitate to call him the attorney general, he’s really more the personal attorney for the president,” he told MSNBC host Ari Melber.

On Saturday, Former FBI Director James Comey accused the attorney general of “echoing” the president’s conspiracy theories during an interview in which he indicated the Russia investigation started improperly.

The left is in a mad dash to discredit Barr.

Ask yourself why.


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