This was painful. After Howard Dean showed his ignorance yesterday, another Democrat today was clueless on the State Department scandal on CNN. 

CNN host Allison Camerota tried to help him out. She tried to explain that the State Department scandal wasn’t part of Wikileaks. She tried to explain that the State Department scandal was reported in FBI documents released under FOIA.

But Rep. Ben Lujan (D-NM) was clueless!


From the video:

Allison Camerota: There have been emails released that are certainly embarrassing but one of these emails came from a FOIA request and it basically shows the State Department – Patrick Kennedy, Undersecretary – trying to get the FBI to downgrade classification of one of Hillary Clinton’s emails. It was about Benghazi and he wanted it to be declassified instead of classified. How she’s going to approach that tonight what she’s going to say to voters?

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Lujan: Well, Allison I agree with President Barack Obama there’s no credibility associated with that assertion and number two let’s not forget that these emails came from a hat from a foreign state entity namely the Russians that’s been identified by the department

Allison Camerota: We got this one is from an actual Freedom of Information Act request. This isn’t part of that Wikileaks stuff. I’m talking about this exchange between the FBI and the State Department where that the FBI released it as part of their reports and it showed that – it appeared to show that the State Department was asking for a favor and wanted one of her emails involving Benghazi not to be classified. 

Lujan: Well again with whether we’re talking about the emails that came to deploy request or the other emails President Obama I think said it best and he said that there was no credibility associated with this assertion and that’s what we’re seeing with this one but I mean they the State Department and the FBI agree that this one did happen. 

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Allison Camerota: This one isn’t not – this one did happen. I mean they oppose that there was no quid pro quo but it did happen that Patrick Kennedy was asking for a reclassification of an email. 

Lujan: Look again I think President Obama who’s closer to the intelligence than anything that I’ve been briefed on I’m said it best that the assertions here clearly show that there’s no wrongdoing but look there should be never be questions asked associated with these types of things and that’s where I am on this.”

The worst part is the end: “There should never be questions asked associated with these types of things.”


Does he think politicians shouldn’t be kept accountable?

H/T David Rutz

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