WOW! CNN Commentator Says LORETTA LYNCH WAS ‘ALMOST LIKE A DUPE,’ Was ‘Corralled’ By Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

This is amazing!

Loretta Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton is back in the news again.

Loretta Lynch said she regrets the meeting. She said, “I do regret sitting down and having a conversation with him.”

A lot of people believe Loretta Lynch regrets the meeting for one reason: Because she got caught.

CNN political commentator Errol Louis has another theory. He thinks Loretta Lynch was a victim.

Watch (via CNN’s New Day, commentary at :45 mark):

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From the video:

Errol Louis: “I took her at her word at the time and this even underscores that. She was blindsided by that. Whatever Bill Clinton had in mind – playing this three-dimensional chess, which is the way his political mind operates – she was in some ways almost like a dupe. She is not someone who is thinking four and five steps ahead. And what the impression is going to be. And how it’s going to affect the election. And what it’s going to do to her legacy and her reputation and so forth. I think she basically got corralled into a political move and I think that was her expression of regret that she allowed it to happen.”

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That’s quite an indictment of Loretta Lynch.

Louis is saying that the Attorney General of the United States was played for a fool by Bill Clinton. That she didn’t know what she was doing. That she was just an innocent in all that happened.

Never mind that Loretta Lynch played a big role in the Hillary email scandal. Never mind that she did several briefings to downplay Hillary’s scandals. Never mind that Loretta Lynch was intimately involved with the politics of the election.

Errol Louis says Loretta Lynch was ‘almost like a dupe.’

What do you think? Innocent “dupe” or something else? 

Tell us in the comments below!


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