WOW! CNN’s Jake Tapper On Trump Blast: ‘I Can Understand Why President-Elect Trump Would Be Upset’ (VIDEO)

During today’s Trump press conference, a CNN reporter shouted at Trump.

He kept pestering Trump with questions, even after Trump said he wouldn’t call on him.

Finally, Trump had enough. Trump said he wouldn’t call on the CNN reporter because CNN is “fake news.”

Now, CNN is responding.

And it may not be the response you expected. CNN’s Jake Tapper said he can understand why Trump is upset.

Watch (via CNN):

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From the video:

Jake Tapper: “It’s irresponsible to put uncorroborated information on the internet. I can understand why President-elect Trump would be upset about that. I would be upset about it, too. It’s why we did not publish it and why we did not detail any specifics from it, because it was uncorroborated and that’s not what we do.”

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Of course, CNN gave a platform to the false allegations. Even if they didn’t cite the details, they ensured the report got wide attention.

But Tapper doesn’t mention that. Tapper is trying to put all the blame on Buzzfeed, rather than CNN’s own reporting.

And here’s CNN’s Jim Acosta trying to justify his rude behavior:

Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told him he would be thrown out if he continued!

The Trump people are standing up to CNN!


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