WOW! Democrat Congressman Set To Start 10 YEAR PRISON TERM

Remember Democrat Congressman Chaka Fattah?

He was in Congress for 20 years.

Last year, he was convicted of taking a $1 million loan and repaying some of it with Federal grant money.

ABC 6 reported at the time: 

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“Fattah lost the spring primary days before trial and resigned his seat following his June conviction. The jury found he took the $1 million loan from the chairman of Sallie Mae, the student loan corporation. He returned $400,000 of it and repaid some of the rest with federal grant money he had steered to an education nonprofit run by former aides.”

Here’s their video report:

Now, it’s time for Fattah to serve his sentence.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported: 

A longtime Pennsylvania congressman convicted of racketeering is set to start a 10-year prison term. Ex-U.S. Rep. Chaka (SHAH’-kuh) Fattah must surrender Wednesday at FCI-McKean in Lewis Run, in western Pennsylvania near the New York border. The 60-year-old Philadelphia Democrat spent 20 years in Congress before his June conviction. The jury found he took an illegal $1 million campaign loan, then used government and nonprofit funds to repay it. Four co-defendants were also convicted.”

A Democrat Congressman is going to prison. 

If he were a Republican, this would be national news.

But, he’s not a Republican.

He’s a Democrat, so the Liberal Media is ignoring it. 

Share so everyone sees what’s really happening in the Democrat Party!

H/T Chris_1791

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