WOW! Dilbert Creator Says “BULLY PARTY” DEMOCRATS Are “Perpetuating One Of The Greatest Evils”


Dilbert creator Scott Adams has become one of the most influential commentators of the 2016 election. He originally endorsed Hillary, then Gary Johnson. Then today, something made him switch again!

Originally, Adams was skeptical about the reports of Hillary fans harassing Trump fans. So he asked for people to tweet him stories. He was deluged with stories of Trump supporters being attacked by Hillary fans.

He came to a conclusion: The Clinton Campaign has become the “Bully Party.”

Today in a blog post, Adams explained why the Clinton Campaign are bullies and why that matters:

If you have a Trump sign in your lawn, they will steal it.

If you have a Trump bumper sticker, they will deface your car.

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If you speak of Trump at work you could get fired . . . 

The Clinton message is that some Americans are good people and the other 40% are some form of deplorables, deserving of shame, vandalism, punishing taxation, and violence. She has literally turned Americans on each other. It is hard for me to imagine a worse thing for a presidential candidate to do.

I’ll say that again. As far as I can tell, the worst thing a presidential candidate can do is turn Americans against each other. Clinton is doing that, intentionally. Intentionally . . . 

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Team Clinton has succeeded in perpetuating one of the greatest evils I have seen in my lifetime. Her side has branded Trump supporters (40%+ of voters) as Nazis, sexists, homophobes, racists, and a few other fighting words. Their argument is built on confirmation bias and persuasion. But facts don’t matter because facts never matter in politics. What matters is that Clinton’s framing of Trump provides moral cover for any bullying behavior online or in person. No one can be a bad person for opposing Hitler, right?”

Read the whole thing here.

Wow! He’s right- the Clinton campaign has become the “Bully Party.”

They’re trying to bully Americans into supporting Hillary.

It’s time for all Americans to stand up against Hillary’s bullying. It’s time for Americans to vote Trump!


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