WOW! Dishonest Media Biases “Approval” Poll – Tries To Make Trump Look Bad!


Another day, another attack by the Dishonest Media on Trump.

This time, it was through a biased poll, courtesy of ABC News and the Washington Post:

According to the Washington Post: 

“The Post-ABC survey offers a starting point and a measuring stick for a Trump presidency. As in the campaign, Trump is a polarizing figure who generates great enthusiasm among those who supported him and deep hostility among those who did not.”

Maybe. But you can’t draw that conclusion from this data.

Because the polling data is biased.

The pollsters oversampled Democrats. Bigly.

ZeroHedge reports: 

“ABC/Washington Post and CNN are out with a pair of polls on Trump’s favorability this morning that sport some of the most egregious ‘oversamples’ we’ve seen. The ABC/Wapo poll showed an 8-point sampling margin for Democrats with only 23% of the results taken from Republicans.”

Here’s the party affiliation data: 

Only 23% of those surveyed were Republicans. 

And another 46% were called “Independents,” “Other,” or “No opinion.” Chances are, those were Democrats, too.

The poll is biased against Trump!

Here’s what Trump had to say:

Trump is right again!

H/T Drudge

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