Wow! Elizabeth Warren: I’ll Be A Watchdog Of Hillary If She Wins

College Student Ropes In Elizabeth Warren On (VIDEO)

Liberals don’t trust Hillary!

In an interview with CNN, Elizabeth Warren said she’ll be a “watchdog” of Hillary, if Hillary wins. has the transcript:

“As a progressive,” Tapper asked, “I don’t need to tell you that there are a lot of progressives out there who are suspicious of Hillary and Bill Clinton, who think that the Bill Clinton years were bad for the middle class, who think that the trade deals were bad for them. People who supported Bernie Sanders, who support you. Why should they support Hillary Clinton, who has been part of the system — and you’ve criticized her over the [1995] bankruptcy bill among other things — why should they support her over somebody who they think will shake up the system? Like a Donald Trump, or a Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.”

“Hillary Clinton has laid out a progressive agenda,” Warren responded. “The way I see it, it is the job of progressives to help her get elected on a progressive agenda. And then work our read ends off to help get that progressive agenda enacted when she is elected.

Tapper follows up: “And kind of be a watchdog?

“You bet,” she responds.

Watch the video:

There’s not much enthusiasm for Hillary on the Left!

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