WOW! Female College Student Explains How The Left Turned Her Into A Trump Supporter (VIDEO)

Jesse Watters of FOX News recently interviewed a female college student who used to be a Bernie supporter but became a Trump supporter after she was turned off by the antics of the far left.

From the FOX News Insider:

Female Student: The Left Made Me a Trump Supporter

Student Jessica Dobrinsky started out as a Bernie Sanders supporter but ended up wanting to “make America great again.”

“I didn’t know much about capitalism,” Dobrinsky said, who broke from the Sanders crowd last June. “For someone who didn’t know much about it, socialism sounded great. You want equality for everyone, but that wasn’t the way to do it.”

“Out of fear I didn’t even vote for Donald Trump,” Dobrinsky shared, saying she was afraid she would be called a racist and more.

The student said she is an avid feminist on Twitter, but ended up getting “a lot of hate” from Sanders supporters when she shared the Charlie Puth song “One Call Away.”

“Supposedly the lyric that was ‘I’ll be there to save the day’ was supporting the patriarchy,” Dobrinsky explained.

Watch the video:

There are plaenty of other people out there who are just like this young woman. You don’t hear much about them because the media deliberately ignores them.

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