WOW . . . Liberals At MSNBC Say Clinton Corruption Is “SLEAZY,” “UNETHICAL,” “GROSS” (VIDEO)

The Liberals at MSNBC were having trouble wrapping their heads around the Clinton family enterprise. From the Clinton Foundation to Bill Clinton’s wealth. To Hillary’s outrageous speaking fees.

It’s a lot to get your head around.


In the end, the question is: How did Hillary get rich? As Kellyanne Conway asked, “Did she hit the Powerball?”

Today, the Liberals at MSNBC seemed to put it together. On Morning Joe, they did a report on the latest bombshells about Clinton corruption.

The Liberals were astonished.


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Willie Geist: “This is big on its own.”

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Mika Brzezinski: “In a kind of a morally deficit kind of way. Sleazy way. It’s gross! It’s gross! My father [former Carter National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinksi] just does not get how this is constantly happening in the Clinton empire. And even from connections to Wall Street. The Foundation. These thin lines . . . It’s perplexing to him that this seems to be acceptable.

That’s because your father was a decent Democrat, Mika! He can’t understand what the Clintons are doing because he’s not corrupt. He doesn’t see the U.S. Government as a piggy bank. He didn’t use government service to enrich himself.

A lot of Liberals and a lot of Democrats are finally waking up to the Clinton corruption.

That’s why they’re voting for Trump on Election Day!

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