WOW! Mexico Appoints Man Trump Called ‘WONDERFUL MAN’ As Foreign Minister

In September, Trump visited Mexico. Luis Videgaray was Mexican Finance Minister and played a big part in planning Trump’s visit.

After the visit, some Mexicans thought it was a bad idea. They blamed Videgaray for setting it up. Videgaray resigned.

But then something happened that many Mexicans didn’t expect to happen: Trump won.

Now, Mexico needs a Foreign Minister who can be friendly with the Trump Administration. 

Guess who just got the job? 

Bloomberg reports: 

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“President Enrique Pena Nieto appointed a former finance minister described by Donald Trump as a “wonderful man” as Mexico’s foreign minister Wednesday as he prepares for the change of command in Washington.

Luis Videgaray resigned as finance minister in September after helping to arrange a visit by Trump, which precipitated public outrage with Pena Nieto. After his resignation, Trump took to Twitter to praise Videgaray, saying “Mexico and the United States would have made wonderful deals together” if he had remained in office.”

The Hill has more background on Videgaray: 

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“Videgaray resigned from his post as finance minister in September following widespread anger and dismay from both the Mexican public, politicians and some in Peña Nieto’s administration over the visit from the presidential hopeful who had pledged to make Mexico pay for a border wall. No reason was given for Videgaray’s departure at the time, but Peña Nieto saw backlash for meeting with Trump. The visit was described by one Mexican pundits as the “biggest humiliation” for a Mexican president in his own country in decades, according to the New York Times, while another compared the visit to former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain’s meeting with Hitler. After Videgaray resigned, Trump tweeted that he was a “wonderful man” and that Mexico and the U.S. would have made “wonderful deals together” if he remained in office. But Trump also argued that Videgaray’s resignation proved how successful his trip had been.”

Videgaray bet on Trump. 

And he won!


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