WOW! Michigan Voters Believe POLLS ARE RIGGED, Trump Will Win! (VIDEO)

At a rally in Michigan, MLive wanted to get past the bluster.

They asked a simple question to a lot of people: “Who do you honestly think will win the election?”

Some said they were worried about a rigged election. Some said they thought Trump would win the popular vote but might not win the electoral vote. Some said if the election were fair, Trump would win in a landslide.

But they all supported Trump!

Watch (via MLive):

From the video:

“I actually think Donald Trump is going to win. Not just because I’m here, but because when people get in the voting booth, they’re going to vote the truth.”

“I think Trump has momentum and he’s going to pull out a close race.”

“Total landslide. The polls are rigged!”

“I think Trump is going to win. I think the level of dishonesty with Hillary is catching up to her.”

These folks are in Michigan. If Trump wins Michigan, it’s a landslide!

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