WOW! MLK’s Niece Sides With Trump: “I Really Agree . . . I Voted For Him” (VIDEO)

With Congressman John Lewis refusing to attend Trump’s inauguration, other civil rights leaders are getting involved.

Today, Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece voiced her opinion. She said Congressman Lewis should work with Trump.

She said she agreed with Trump that we should all work together. 

And she said she voted for Trump!

Watch (via Fox and Friends):

From the video:

Alveda King: “I believe Congressman John Lewis can actually help America by working with the President. So that non-violent conflict resolution, one blood of the Bible, Jesus Christ encouraging us to be brothers and sisters and not adversarial. Congressman Lewis should be one of the best teachers of that. I was born in Atlanta on January 22, 1951. I’m 66 years old. Atlanta actually does need help. So I really agree with the President. Let’s fix Atlanta. Let’s fix America. Mr. Trump – I voted for him. I understood what he meant when he said let’s roll up our sleeves together. And we can do that. So I want to remind Congressman Lewis of that powerful legacy. And it has to be not adversarial, but to communicate non-violently.”

What a message!

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