WOW! MSNBC Host Calls Out Elizabeth Warren AS “SHRILL,” “UNHINGED” (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren face

Elizabeth Warren is shrill and unhinged. But that’s not the sort of thing you expect to hear on MSNBC! It sounds like Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski has had enough of Warren’s song and dance. She said so on the air this morning.

Transcript via Legal Insurrection:

ELIZABETH WARREN: Republicans are taking over Congress, they are taking over the White House, but Republicans do not have majority support in this country. The majority of voters supported Democratic Senate candidates over Republican ones, and the majority supported a Democratic presidential candidate over a Republican one. The American people didn’t give Democrats majority support so we can come back to Washington and play dead. They didn’t send us here to whimper, whine, or grovel.

MIKA: Yeah, well, you know what? There’s a huge part of the country that doesn’t think so and she might want to be a little inclusive because she is sounding like the people she is accusing of as being exclusive. I mean she’s just got to stop. I’m sorry. It’s getting exhausting. And this did not help during the campaign. It wasn’t. There’s an anger there that was shrill and a step above what it needed to be, unmeasured, and almost unhinged! It’s not going to work. At some point we have to look at what happened and look at the people we lost along the way.

Watch the video:

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