WOW! Post-Debate Poll Shows “UNDECIDEDS” And 3rd Party Voters BREAKING FOR TRUMP – 61 to 39!

You won’t hear this in the mainstream media. 

In YouGov’s post-debate poll, they surveyed 1,503 people who watched the final Presidential debate.

There are problems with this poll: They over-sampled Democrats at 37%. Republicans were only 30%, and Independents were at 27%.

With so many Democrats, Hillary “won” the poll by 4%. But the interesting thing is what the “Undecideds” and Third Party voters said after the debate.

Here it is (click here for the full PDF):


The question for Undecideds and Third Party voters is: If you had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who would you choose?

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The answers are: Hillary Clinton – 39%, Donald Trump – 61%

Some pundits have suggested that “Undecideds” and Third Party voters are “parking” their votes until election day. Then, in the secrecy of the ballot box, they’ll choose Trump. 

This survey bears that out. 

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Here’s another interesting set of questions and answers. When asked whether there’s a chance of switching their vote, 10 percent of Trump supporters said they might. When the same question was asked of Hillary supporters, 22 percent said they might switch to Trump.


Frank Luntz’s focus group of “Undecideds” went for Trump 14-12 (Read more here).

CNN’s focus group of “Undecideds” went for Trump 10-5:


Hillary’s support is weak. And “Undecideds” are breaking Trump’s way!

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