WOW! Prominent Pollster Admits Failure: “I HAVE OMELET ON MY FACE” (VIDEO)

A pollster is finally being honest!

Larry Sabato is a prominent pollster and analyst. He predicted that Hillary would win 322 electoral votes. He predicted that Trump would win only 216.

He was wrong.

Trump has won at least 276 electoral votes, and will probably win 305.

Sabato went on Fox & Friends to discuss his failure.


From the video:

“I want to tell you something in all sincerity: We were wrong. Ok? The entire punditry industry. The entire polling industry. The entire analyst industry. And I want to take this opportunity to take my fair share of the blame. We. Were. Wrong.”

“And Steve just said, ‘I want to see that egg on your face.’ Steve, you’re totally wrong. I don’t have egg on my face. I have omelet on my face. And I apologize. I apologize.”


Better late than never?

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