WOW: Republicans Create Ad Featuring Kathy Griffin For Runoff Election In Georgia (VIDEO)

A special runoff election is coming up in Georgia and Republicans have created a new ad which points out that Kathy Griffin is a supporter of the Democrat candidate, Jon Ossoff.

Powerline reported:


We’re three weeks away from the Georgia special election to fill the open House seat of Tom Price, who moved up to be secretary of Health and Human Liabilities. By all accounts it is a very tight race in a district that Trump carried by a narrow margin, meaning it is winnable by either side.

It’s one of those suburban districts where Trump is not especially popular even with many Republican voters, so if the election can be made into a referendum on Trump, the well-funded Democrat, Jon Ossoff, probably wins. But if the election can be turned into a referendum on “the Resistance,” maybe the Republican, Karen Handel, will win.

Watch the video:

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Newsweek says the polls are close:


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With just weeks to go until the runoff election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, Democrat Jon Ossoff holds the slightest lead.

In a poll released Thursday by WSB-TV/Landmark Communications, 49.1 percent of voters said they favored Ossoff, while about 47.6 percent backed Republican Karen Handel.

“We’re looking at a dead heat,” Landmark President Mark Rountree told WSB-TV about the poll, which included 500 responses. “Probably right now we’re within a 2-to-3-point margin either way. Really, either candidate could win that.”

Of course, we all remember how the polls worked out in tha last election.

They were a little off.


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