Wow! Sheriff Clarke Subdues And Arrests Hostile Drunk Passenger On Airplane

Sheriff David Clarke

A drunken airline passenger was recently dumb enough to get verbally abusive to Sheriff David Clarke on an airplane. Clarke ignored him until the passenger ran down the aisle during landing and then took him down.

The Daily Mail reports:

Pro-Trump sheriff restrains and subdues a hostile drunk passenger who started abusing him on a flight

An outspoken pro-Trump sheriff floored a drunk and verbally aggressive passenger as their flight was landing.

Preston Bluntson, 36, was arrested and charged with intoxication and disruptive behavior after an American Airlines flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte on Saturday.

He was detained by David A. Clarke Jr, the Milwaukee County Sheriff who rose to fame when he spoke at the Republican National Convention this summer, before they touched down after the confrontation.

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In an article for Christian website Patheos, Clarke said Bluntson was drunk and ‘kept causing problems’ – although he insisted he was not the sole target of the man’s vitriol.

‘He was yelling at passengers, the flight attendants, and would not calm down no matter what,’ the sheriff wrote.

‘One newspaper reported incorrectly that the man was berating me the entire flight, which wasn’t true. Had he come at me with that, I would’ve just kicked his ass.’

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‘However, I had to act when we were trying to touch down and he ran down the aisle.’

A passenger on the American Airlines flight said Bluntson kept using a racial epithet, accused Clarke of ‘closing our parks’ and said the sheriff is ‘not one of us.’

Only a drunk idiot would be dumb enough to take on Sheriff Clarke.

Here’s a question:

What role should Clarke play in a Trump administration?


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