WOW! Steve Harvey At Trump Tower – Says Will Team Up With Ben Carson! (VIDEO)

Trump is making a plan for real change!

A year ago, comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey had this to say about Donald Trump, as reported by The Daily Beast:

“Donald Trump—we’ve seen nothing like him in politics before,” said Harvey, who previously supported Obama’s run for the White House. “He’s very entertaining to me. I’ve got to tell you, I can’t take my eyes off of the man when he’s talking—mostly because I can’t believe he’s saying what he’s saying out loud.”
He continued, a mischievous laugh on the tip of his tongue. “But I like him, personally. I do! I think he’s exciting for politics. Politics haven’t been this exciting in a long time—or as confusing, ever, in the history of it. I think Donald Trump not being a politician is making a lot of people nervous who are politicians.”

Today, Steve Harvey made an appearance at Trump Tower.

He said he’s ready to work with Ben Carson on initiatives for the inner cities.

Watch what he said (via Fox and Friends):

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From the video:

Steve Harvey: “He’s introduced me to Ben Carson, who’s now the new head of Housing for urban development. And we’re going to team up and see if we can bring about some positive change in the inner cities. Which I felt was my only agenda, and he agreed. And he wants to do something. And he realizes he needs some allies in that department . . . It was a successful meeting, and he seemed really sincere.”

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A positive change is coming for all Americans!


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