WOW! Trump Learns Supporter CAME IN DONATED CLOTHES, Calls His Father To Thank Him (VIDEO)

What a story!

Trump supporter Shane Bouvet worked hard for Donald Trump’s election. He worked so hard and did so much that he earned a ticket to the Inauguration.

There was just one problem: Bouvet didn’t have the right clothes. So a fellow Trump supporter stepped in and bought him clothes.

Bouvet went to Trump’s Inauguration in donated clothes!

The Washington Post reported: 

“Bouvet, 24, knew then he wanted a life outside, but the prospects for the former night watchman and single father living paycheck to paycheck seemed dim before he improbably rose from delivering signs for Donald Trump’s campaign to becoming its volunteer social media coordinator in Illinois.

His work earned him an invitation to an inaugural ball near Washington, and he planned to attend the inauguration itself. It was an unprecedented opportunity, but he faced one last obstacle as he prepared to leave in recent weeks: How was he going to afford a proper suit and shoes? . . . With the invitation in hand, Bouvet scanned his wardrobe for something to wear. He had old suits, but nothing appropriate for an evening ball, let alone the proper shoes. He thought about scrimping a few dollars from his paycheck. That was when Mike Bell, a former teacher and a politico from Bouvet’s part of Illinois, stepped in. ‘I’ve known him long enough that when he told me he was going to inaugural ball, he would need a suit,’ Bell said of Bouvet. ‘We went to Men’s Wearhouse.'”


When Donald Trump heard about this, he decided he’d sit down with Bouvet and thank him. 

And then Trump decided to give Bouvet’s father a call.

Watch (via Dan Scavino):

Trump knows who made him President.

It’s people like Shane Bouvet. 


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