Wow! Young Turks Liberal Does EPIC TAKEDOWN OF HILLARY


Staunch Liberal Jimmy Dore is a host of The Young Turks Show. A comedian and commentator, he’s appeared on NBC, CBS and ABC’s late night shows.

You’d think he’d be a Hillary supporter. Nope.

Jimmy Dore says what Conservatives say: Hillary has done terrible things and should not be President.

He shows the video of Hillary screaming her infamous “Why aren’t I ahead by 50 points?” speech and says:

It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s not because I’m in bed with Wall Street and I won’t stop taking money from bankers and I won’t close down the Clinton Foundation and it’s undue influence from foreign nationals. I won’t do – She won’t do – It’s none of that!

It’s not that she appointed Ken Salazar. It’s not that she picked Tim Kaine. It’s not that she was pro-TPP until five minutes ago. It’s none of that. [She says to the Labor Unions] It’s that you won’t tell the truth about Donald Trump.”

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Watch (Warning: language):


What a takedown!

Even Liberals don’t like Hillary!


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