Peter Thiel is a board member at Facebook. He’s also a gay Libertarian Trump supporter who spoke at the Republican National Convention this year.

Recently, Thiel made headlines by donating $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign.

Some Liberals in Silicon Valley didn’t like it. Liberals said Thiel should be kicked off the Facebook Board of Directors for supporting Trump.

Mark Zuckerberg responded in this internal memo (via The Verge):


Here’s what Zuckerberg wrote:

We can’t create a culture that says it cares about diversity and then excludes almost half the country because they back a political candidate. There are many reasons a person might support Trump that do not involve racism, sexism, xenophobia or accepting sexual assault. It may be because they believe strongly in smaller government, a different tax policy, health care system, religious issues, gun rights or any other issue where he disagrees with Hillary.

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I know there are strong views on the election this year both in the US and around the world. We see them play out on Fcebook every day. Our community will be stronger for all our differences — not only in areas like race and gender, but also in areas like political ideology and religion.”

He’s right, of course. And it’s good to hear somebody in Silicon Valley not just give lip service to “diversity.”

It’s good to see someone mean it!

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Good for Mark Zuckerberg!

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