Yikes: Biden Told Pence “You’re Gonna Love The Pool” That He Swam In Naked

Creepy Joe Biden apparently had some parting words for incoming Vice President Mike Pence on inauguration day. It had to do with the pool that Biden reportedly liked to use with nothing but his birthday suit.

The Hill reports:

Biden’s parting words for Pence: ‘You’re gonna love the pool’

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On Inauguration Day this year, former Vice President Joe Biden’s parting words for new Vice President Pence weren’t about policies or politics — they were about the pool at the VP’s pad.

“That’s the thing that Joe Biden said to us as he got into the limo and left the Capitol on Inauguration day,” Karen Pence, the vice president’s wife, tells Virginia Coyne in the holiday “Social List” issue of Washington Life magazine released Monday. “He said, ‘you’re gonna love the pool.’ ”

Karen Pence says she now takes a swim each day in the heated pool at the vice president’s residence in Washington. The pool and pool house were added to the grounds at One Observatory Circle in 1991 when then-Vice President Quayle lived in the digs.

Leave it to Biden to make this his final recommendation to Pence. We wouldn’t be surprised if the new Vice President had a crew come in and bleach the pool before using it.



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