You Might Want To Rethink That 3rd Party Option

You Might Want To Rethink That 3rd Party Option

If you’re angry at the GOP primary results, and have been looking for a Trump alternative because there is some nagging element that keeps you from supporting the GOP nominee, you might want to rethink that. Libertarian candidates, while they have no chance of winning the election, are the same as casting votes for Hillary. And while you may wish to exercise your right to vote, and think a third party candidate is a moral alternative to Trump or Clinton, just take a look at what Gary Johnson really stands for. And it’s not pretty, folks.

IndependentPoliticalReport outlined just how clueless Johnson is about a world view of free trade and American sovereignty.

In an interview with Politico published today, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson says he supports the controversial and secretive “free trade” agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which potentially restricts free speech by expanding criminal punishment for publishing “trade secrets” and violating copyright.

“It is my understanding that the TPP does advance free trade,” says Johnson, “Is it a perfect document? Probably not. But based on my understanding of the document, I would be supporting it [though] in a perfect world there wouldn’t be a document like that, there would just be free trade.”

Cronyism reaches beyond the two party system. Look at just how fast he flipped, before he flopped.

This comes just two weeks after Johnson told Politico that TPP is “laden with crony capitalism.”  And that the “Free market really is the answer.”

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Johnson is the only one of the leading four presidential candidates who supports TPP.  According to Politico, this decreases his appeal among the supporters of likely Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders.

For the record, Trump opposes TPP, and he can win.

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