You Won’t Believe What This Think Progress Editor Tweeted In Response to Baton Rouge

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We have seen many celebrities get behind the President’s weak rhetoric, blame guns and even justify the shooting of police officers. After Baton Rouge, ThinkProgress’ LGBT Editor, Zack Ford, took to Twitter and added his own despicable justification that was captured by Breitbart:

Zack Ford, an editor for ThinkProgress‘ LGBT section, believes it’s “no surprise” that cops are being killed in retaliation to past incidents.
In a chain of tweets, Ford tried to explain today’s events in Baton Rogue and past police killings. After calling the murders of police officers “retaliation,” he went on to say he “abhors all violence” in the same train of thought. The original tweet is now deleted, but can still be accessed via internet archive services.


As the tweets went on, Ford started to backpedal, perhaps realizing that a line has been crossed. He lamented that “a lot of people think I support murder now.”

Here are a couple of other great Tweets from Mr. Ford:


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Gee, Zack, do you think maybe your comments thrown out on Twitter after innocent cops were murdered might have had something to do with them thinking you support killing cops? The idiocy of the Left is astounding and your indignation when called out is completely disgusting. Perhaps next time you should think about more than your myopic, leftist agenda before jumping on Twitter. You and people like you are part of the problem, not the solution.

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