Young Employees Quit Dick’s Sporting Goods Over New Gun Policies

Some young people who work for Dick’s Sporting Goods are saying goodbye to the retailer. Not because they feel the company isn’t being strict enough on gun control measures, but because they disagree with the new measures.

The Business Insider reports:

20-year-old Dick’s employees are quitting their jobs and claiming ‘systematic discrimination’ after the retailer stops selling guns to shoppers under the age of 21

Two 20-year-old Dick’s Sporting Goods employees claim they’re quitting their jobs over the retailer’s new gun policies.

On Wednesday, the retailer announced it would no longer sell guns to shoppers under the age of 21, in addition to ending the sale of assault-style rifles.

On Thursday, Griffin Mccullar posted a photo of a printed resignation letter on his Facebook page.

“I cannot be the face of these new gun policies in affect [sic],” the letter reads. “I find them morally and constitutionally wrong. I refuse to be a part of a corporation with these liberal policies.”

Mccullar — who identifies himself as a 20-year-old avid hunter — apologizes for the inconvenience, stating that otherwise he had great experiences with Dick’s coworkers and management.

The post quickly gained steam online. As of Friday, it has been shared more than 8,600 times.

Mccullar isn’t the only Dick’s employee who has apparently quit his job in the aftermath of the retailer’s decision to stop selling assault-style rifles and guns to customers under the age of 21.

See the posts below:

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