Young Mother WAKES TO NIGHTMARE – Fortunately, She Had A Gun (VIDEO)

Young mother Ashley Mundy woke up to a nightmare. A man was breaking into her house, with her four year-old boy asleep next to her.

Fortunately, she lives in America. Where, fortunately, we have the right to keep and bear arms. reported: 

“I was there alone with my child; My dad encouraged me to get a conceal and carry, and I just felt that was the thing to do at that moment,” said Mundy.

Jolly was hit in the arm and hip, but was able to flee Mundy’s home. After he ran off, she called 911. Just five minutes later, Osage Co. Sheriff’s dispatch got a call from Jolly himself; saying he had been shot and was at a neighbor’s house.

“He had meth in his system,” said Mundy. “At the time everyone was like, how did he survive that, and I think, at the time, the drugs were what allowed him to survive the shot because it was a hollow tip.”

Watch the video report:

How long will this last, if Hillary is President?

How long will we have the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves like this woman did?

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